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The buttons below will take you directly to the booking page for each service. For information about the booking process or for details about the different services offered, please scroll down.


personal training

In a personal training session you will work 1:1 with a trainer.  A session may include Pilates, ELDOA, myofascial stretching or general strength training. 

Personal training is appropriate for recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, preparing to join group classes, to avoid group classes or to meet the flexibility of a demanding schedule. 

It is important to note that although a personal training session will usually mean that you have the machine room to yourself, it may also be the case that another trainer is working 1:1 with another client at the same time. If you require 100% privacy, please let us know in advance so that we can try to accommadate you.

group machine

Group Pilates machine classes are limited to 3 participants and offered on the reformer, the chair or as a mixed machine option where all the machines are used. If you have only ever heard of or used the reformer, we suggest trying the chair and other machines to get the full experience. We offer multi-level classes to suit different levels of experience, but highly recommend either starting with or supplementing with private lessons if you are new to using the machines.  Check the group machine main booking page for class descriptions. Group mat classes are highly complementary!

group mat

Group mat classes can include up 20 participants and range from traditional Pilates mat to general conditioning to myofascial stretching. All movement and fitness needs can be met by attending a variety of the mat classes. The mat room features special firm yet foldable mats to both cushion your joints and use as a prop to enhance moves. We also have lots of fun props to challenge or support movement. We aim to make our classes as inclusive as possible, so if you need a prop to better enjoy a class, please let us know so we can best acommodate you. Classes are typically taught to a playlist specially curated by the teacher. 


booking process

We use the Momence the Momence booking system. All sessions can be booked either through the app or the desktop calendar widget. If you have a package, it is recommended to book with the app. Personal training sessions are booked as "appointments", whereas group Pilates machine and  group mat are booked as "classes". The on demand videos cannot be played through the app and need to be viewed through the website.
Step by step instructions for first time bookings are highlighted below:


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